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NIGERIA AT 60: Unanswered Questions Mirage

Unanswered Questions Mirage


Unanswered Questions Mirage

By Chigboja Gideon

The quest for self territorial control is a major feature of every Nation’s first generation of cerebrally intelligent citizens with exposure to existential realities obtainable from neighbouring countries of the world. To continually stay beneath the commands of strangers who tend to super impose norms, values, culture and administrative modus operandi remains detestable to owners of lands.

Unanswered Questions Mirage

Uniting to gaze at drawing home the powers to be self ruled and decisional from a people is within the ambience of laws. Every Nation fights for independence from colonizers to climb up the ladder of authority over their politics and interrelationships between and among constituents. July 4th 1776, the Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subordinate to the monarch of Britain, King George III. America stands the stance of being called the best amongst the rest today.

Through the struggles of Late Nelson Mandela (Madiba), South Africa gained independence from Britain in April 1994. 1st January 1956, Sudan got free from Egypt and Britain colonizers as well. September 6th 1968, Switzerland climbed the independence table from Britain with Tanzania getting its own from same Britain 26th April 1964. Unequivocally it’s unrepentantly right to aver that freedom is nipped through clogged processes.

October 1st 1960, Nigeria communed with the emergence of Nations who fought for independence with a mirage of unending crisis. The realistic posture of it just seconds after independence can only be medically termed “cryptosporidiosis”. There were sparking shows of interest for political control of regions, personality clashes between and among elites, the ego shown through the various owning of controlling media outfits and the birth of strong sectionalism politics and many others.

Nigerian politics is one in the world that’s always characterised by series of maladjusted political behaviors. While Awolowo tried hardly to have the West at his finger tips even after Premiership, others in East and North battled for theirs. Politics of interest, self centeredness, enclaves, caucus and cliques all founded themselves from Nigeria’s early days.

Nigeria’s 2011 presidential election was characterised by brown envelopes syndrome because political gladiators shared money to buy votes over, violence at some quarters with people losing their lives. International community observers described it to be an elections that smirched Nigeria’s international perception. In 2019 Presidential elections, claims of high handedness through the powers played a diametrical role in opposition to public expectations. It therefore means, the established electioneering processes of do or dye needs attention.

A clinical purview to Nigeria’s economic growth indices since independence shows we have magnitude of woes to surmount as a Nation. In January, economic experts claimed that the rate of job opportunities still stood low when compared to expectations. Presently Gross Domestic Product stands at 2.8 which infers a lot needs to be done. These economic quagmires have their origin from unending crisis of corruption trending in the land. Few days back, it was alleged by ICPC that over 2.7Billion meant to serve as palliative to citizens in cushioning the effects of Covid – 19’s lock down was shared into private pockets. The same commission later came up with another story in contrast to the earlier revelation. Where are we going ?

Unanswered Questions Mirage

To streamline things down towards the Health Sector, it can be authoritatively said that the outbreak of Corona virus was more of an expository tool meant to unveil the hidden facts about the state of facilities in our Hospitals. A country at 60 years of self control has no bane upon which she can boast competitively with other Nations. A tactical prove to this prevalent menace is the love for foreign hospitals by political office holders who suck the milk of our common patrimony. Intelligently, the brain drain syndrome in Nigeria’s medical world surged from the intentional Governmental ignorance of the critical services of health officers.

It is insane to hold back the incentives of a man who cares for the lives of others in hospital. The psychological problem of relating politics of interest to almost all the sectors of an economy remains a stumbling block to growth and development. Series of times, the Nigerian Medical Association had gone on strike for avoidable reasons and this pulls us back.

In education, while Nigeria has the best of cerebrally intelligent citizens who are ready to serve their fathers’ land, the Government has continually treated the education sector with utmost sense of ignominy. In one of Nigerian universities recently, there’s was a discourse of comparisons between Nigeria and Ghana’s education system in infrastructures, facilities, standard, incorporation of ICT into teaching and learning and remuneration of workers, all available data showed Nigeria needs a sober reflection.

Passing through the four walls of Nigerian higher institutions with a course of study like Electrical Electronics engineering can be likened unto studying social studies for lack of practical apparatus. In an ideal and valid educational sector, such graduates are meant to take the technological space of a well meaning country up but in irony, you’ll behold them dabbling into other jobs unrelated such as teaching, caterers, interior designs and others as a result of a bad system.

On security, how has Nigeria fared so far? This sensitive sector needs no much buttressing as it is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that Nigeria still needs to do more in ensuring the safety of lives and properties of her citizens. The continuous rise in terrorism, banditry, kidnapping can be nipped in the bud if we choose to be intentional and realistic. The last straws that broke the Carmel’s back were the recent continuous attacks on the convoy of Borno State Governor, Southern Kaduna crisis and others unexposed.

To work towards a new Nigeria where peace and tranquillity can be experienced, first, we must reconscientise our leaders to permeate the reign of democratic principles, where the man with the highest votes takes the lead irrespective of tribe, religion, geo political zone and influence. There’s need for constitutional amendment where the incomes of political office holders can be made unattractive.

The Federal Government must act in line with the laws of our land on matters concerning elections to build confidence in Nigerians. Issues relating to corruption ought to be dealt with publicly for the return of sanity to public offices. Also, there’s need for an electoral reform that gives way for trust worthy Electronic Voting where card carrying members of the public can stay in the comfort of their homes to cast votes for chosen candidates transparently and reflectively. INEC should be saddled with the responsibility of training and retraining it’s staff on such development so they can extend same knowledge to voters.

On the economy, there’s need to hire the services of economic experts who can with know hows boost up the economy back to its fit, for example, the cordinating Minister of Finance should be a figure with at least 20years of experience in the sector. Becoming the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria should not be penned around candidate’s religion, tribe, State of origin, influence or godfatherism.

If terrorism becomes too explosive as obtainable unendingly, the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces has the right to reshuffle his/her cabinet in a search for lasting solution to such issues. FG should henceforth mobilize thousands of uniform officers toward crisis prone areas for a curtailing. If she’s 60years and still can’t put herself together, there’s need to plan, re-strategise and execute with wisdom. God Bless Kogi State, God Bless Nigeria.

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