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My Take On The Act Establishing Confluence University Of Science And Technology – Hon Femi Obalemo


My Take On The Act Establishing Confluence University Of Science And Technology – Hon Femi Obalemo


Hhhmmm! I can’t blame the Five House of Assembly members representing Okun Nation in Kogi State House of Assembly.

There was a time, Okun people spoke largely with one voice and Late Arc Dr S Olorunfemi emerged as the Governorship candidate. Some years later the Unity of Okun was infiltrated with money and subterfuge of power. The block votes of Okun has since then been sold to the Igalas in PDP and to Ebira only in this last election in APC.

Sen Dino made tremendous effort in the 8th Senate to sponsor a bill for the upgrading of Ahmadu Bello University, College of Agriculture in Kabba to a Federal University. Unfortunately, only a few Okun Leaders and Traditional Rulers openly supported the effort.

I remember the public hearing heard only a few Okun leaders in attendance with no Traditional Ruler at all. He bulldozed the bill through the Senate but our Okun Representatives were not able to pull the concurrence through in the House of Representatives. Sad enough, for about two years after Senate had concluded their work on the bill, it was never even listed on the agenda of the House of Representatives for deliberation.

There, Okun’s Unity was compromised.

In the last Governorship primary election in both PDP and APC, we had Okun Sons in the contest. In PDP for instance, Kogi West had 850 delegates, Kogi East had 950 delegates and Kogi Central about 700 delegates. With just one candidate from Kogi West who is an Okun son, he didn’t score half of Kogi West votes overall. The bulk of Okun delegates openly gave their votes to the Igalas.

I therefore conclude by saying the five House of Assembly members have only followed the trajectory and should not be blamed in isolation.

We had Okun son as deputy Governorship candidate in the last election, yet Okun voted for Ebira/Igala ticket against Igala/Okun ticket.

The Ebira didn’t allow PDP to campaign for Governorship election in Kogi Central despite the fact that the State Chairman is an Ebira man.

That for me is commitment to Ebira Agenda.

Okun Nation needs to go back to where we lost our unity and correct our mistake. There may be need for genuine repentance, forgiveness of one another and re-dedication and commitment to a common goal and objective.

Then and then only can we apportion blames to any erring representative.

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