My Story As A Polio Patient

I’ve contemplated sharing my story for a long time now and that’s cos I don’t want to be pitied. I decided to share knowing it might help someone out there.

I was born a normal healthy baby girl, complete 9months in the womb of my mother. I was growing beautifully well n everything was fine till I was 11months old. You can imagine an 11month old baby. I had sat,crawled n even started throwing some walking steps when the  devil showed his ugly head.

I fell sick. It was normal fever that escalated to me turning pale. Blood was need. I was admitted for months in the hospital. Some nurses refused to attend to me saying I’ll still die sooner or later. My mum never gave up even when doctors said it was over. Months of admission and no trace of recovery. They discharged me to my date without getting better. I was at the mercy of God. . . My mum would take me church n said people avoided her seat because I cried excessively .

I couldn’t walk I couldn’t hear I could see. The middle of my head was deep inside. Anyone who saw me cursed my mum saying “so na pikin you carry so?” “Which kind of careless woman go allow pikin head deep inside like this?” And all what not.

Slowly but gradually I began to heal. We went to church and yours truly was crying. Doctors advised mummy to keep rubbing my hands and legs to avoid them from folding.. Mummy took me out to drink water and sun rays entered my eyes. I blinked ant that was how I gained my sight.

Proceeded to church and the Father shouted I jerked and that was how I gained my hearing ability.
Started school. Mummy would carry me on her back to school and pick me back home on her back. Was 6 and in KG3.

Couldn’t walk unaided. Kids laughed at me. Sporting activities was a no for me cos I can’t participate. Had to start learning to crawl again.

I walked at age 7. Yes you heard me!!! 7!. . I have only a few true friends whos never left my side.

Went through primary and secondary School laughed at because of the way I walk. I have faced societal discrimination a thousand times especially from guys yes.

Against all odds I wanted to be educated! Yes I believe in education I’m a smart chap. I gained admission into Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashiuku in 2015. It wasn’t an easy ride but it was worth it.

I graduated in 2020 from the department of Mass Communication. Awaiting service.

Being pysically challenged doesn’t limit you! The process might be slow but it will be worth it at the end. Let my story motivate you. Don’t pity me thank God for me.

What I survived was POLIO. YES POLIO. And I came out strong and beautiful. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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