Waste Not Your Body

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Dear young young ladies and the up and coming young guys too, you’re precious.
You ought not to have your destiny thwarted. Your future is such a brighter one that will cry and weep bitterly if eventually it experienced sabotage.

I know a girl that while she was 14 years of age, she’d already being slept with by countedly six different guys. 14 years I said. She began to lose sight of possibly pursuing the future. She began to lose interest in her studies as she felt reluctant and deeply indolent. Vision became what she couldn’t term possible any longer, though I thank God for His grace that later bridge her from that long wrong lane.

You could hardly see guys and turn away if I’m not making a mistake to say as she was then, you could hardly see ladies and turn away, you would love to host as many souls as possible that will absolutely gratify your sexual pleasure, as a young fellow coming up. What then do you think you’re heaping up for yourself?

The future is too great to be outrightly handled carelessly as a young up and coming soul. Be guided and hold tight your passion for the upcoming needed action prepared and sounded by the future.

You might be in the state of that young girl; yours might even seems to be worse than what eye can vividly envisage, but it’s never a point to make you look depressed and down casted. You are great.

A lot of souls are seriously waiting for you to raise their heads from life’s threat and menace as promised and proposed by the divine.

Apart from being a virgin which some persons may not find any benefit in, though there are lots of benefits;

I think we should all know who a virgin,

It keep one safe from some hazardous and contagious infections which will go along way to hamper ones future.

If it’s been kept for dignity purpose and for the sake of sanity in all wise; it adds value to you and on the other hand preserve your dignity.

Conclusively, it grants outright sexual safety.

Dear readers, steer clear and act right.

A lot of souls are queuing up for your help.


© Ismaila Odumburu Emmanuel

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