This Was How Wifey and The Girls Set Me Up Today

This Was How Wifey and The Girls Set Me Up Today

I started a short vacation today and decided that I’d drive down to SPAR to search for my hair cream (Afro America).

Haven mentioned to wifey that I’d pick the kids up a bit late as i need to hurriedly go to SPAR before going to get them after school. She stylishly insisted that i pick them first and go with them to SPAR instead of making them wait for me after dismissal.

This Was How Wifey and The Girls Set Me Up Today

My people, that was the beginning of my problem.

I took the kids along with me. When we got to SPAR, i kept hearing, “Daddy, we like this place, they have beautiful things”.
Mumu me was smiling not knowing what awates me.

Just like a flash, i kept hearing:

Kira: Daddy, pick this noodles for us.
How can i say no to my precious Kira? I took the noodles.

Kellyn: Daddy, add milk and milo. Do i have a choice? Is it not my Kellyn again?
I took them as commanded.

Next i heard was, “Daddy, add more, daddy add more, daddy more.

My people, Daddy add more, daddy add more has amounted to ₦100,125. I am now in severe pains. My account is bleeding badly.

You see, wifey haven known that the kids are my” MUMU BUTTON”, she planned with them to wreck me with the knowledge that i can never turn them down. And they did wreck me nyafu-nyafu.

My brothers, if your wife encourage you to take your kids along when you want to go get an item, don’t fall for it, it’s a plan to attack your account mercilessly. Especially, if your kids are your “MUMU BUTTON” like mine. Don’t fall for it!!!

Ndi beanyi, oburu na Aba di otua, kedu zi ka Umuahia ga adi (If the first day of my vacation could cost me ₦100,125, what would the rest days cost me)?

From the attached visuals, you can see a trolley full of palliatives that these women looted from my account today.

Never trade what you desire most for what you want at the moment

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