The Evil Of IHIMA Women



Character notoriety. Unrepentant cruelty, wilful and constant nags and even unshelved pride all best describes the average Ihima woman.


This topic had span decades. Several and some seeming unconvincing explanations over the years because of belief in ‘hear says’.


This is the belief held by some uneducated and even educated jejunes naively cowed into hasty generalization.


A non scientific-based analogy that holds no water but has travelled so wide.


This notion of character assassination is blatantly unfounded and libellously misleading.A false analogy lacking empirical merit.


It is as bad as saying that all Nigerians are criminals because our leaders are corrupt, far from that, a well etched out research would show millions of Nigerians with high degree of integrity and honesty.


Better still, to avoid been misguided, understand simply that individual behaviours differs. Some people are individually bad while some are individually good.


It should be individualism instead of generality. This would be more scientific than mere assumption without accurate empiricism.


Amongst the 13, there was a Jesus.


Amongst the 13, there was a Judas. It’s about individual characters solely.


Some individuals amongst Ihima women are Angelic in character while some individuals has stinking characters too.


Depends on the one fate brings your path.


Moreso, all family, ethnic groups, clans and tribes have good people as they also have bad people.


No tribe or group is monopolistic of either of the two.


Ihima women are simply beautiful, highly intelligent, maturely enlightened and very golden.

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