The Developing Stage Of My Dear State

(Repost, written in March…. KOGI)

I stand at the back of the podium with my ears rapt to grace the speech of our oratoria who with confidence stands atop and says “workers shall no longer be half salaried…The recompense of your labour as your labour shall henceforth come in full…For no reason, there shall be no that month when salary will not be paid…

” Behold, I’m a divine, sent to straighten the crooked paths,
the heavens have heard thy wails and thy torments are over because I am here”

We couldn’t but cheer til’ thy kingdom come…heaved a sigh of relief ‘indeed, the gods havn’t forsaken us to rot’…We take to the streets in jamboree and absolute grandeur basking in ephorique and enveloped in a wholesome aura of awesomeness.

The plebeians now have a life, the commoners can now feed without begging …Schools now run without strike, youths now have jobs at different industries on ground across East, West and Central… The need for sycophancy before we could feed become archaic. Praise singers and critics now have paying jobs.

Going to bank in the crowded Okene, you’d just have to climb up the flyover. Hold-ups are now abomination. Pedestrians now have their path ways up bridges.

Lokoja now boasts capital…At aloof, the glaring face of transformation becomes visible even to the blind and audible to the deaf, the undefeated song of development everywhere. Critics would no more have anything to talk about…We are Kogi.

With 23 out of 31 natural resources running, we have come back to claim the spotlight, running after Lagos and Rivers in the leadership log….poverty becomes minimal, everybody is into something.

Ajaokuta steel company now full fledged…Foreign investors building estates and roads, ASCO births massive development and employment…Kogi now a business hub and foreigners buys and sells even in local markets.

Travelling on the roads tilled without potholes, strangers lost in admiration… Some would ask, is this the Kogi I knew? And from nowhere, the invisible eye of the gods would look scornfully at them in the eyes and respond ‘what have you taken us for’ We are now the best of the best…Haven’t you read it all over the places?…This is Kogi…The Kingdom of Great Intellects.

They, who all cross the seas for long can now come back to land in our airports. KogiAir now boasts partnership with Boeing 777, the best of the best. Indeed! the gods again have favoured us.

Our seaport becomes active, like Lagos wharf, we boast big advantage.

Our youths suffering and living deceptive lives at Abuja and Lagos now clamours for home return, everyone wants to return to Idah, Kabba, Koto, Bassa, Ogori, Okene, Ajaokuta to grace this divine favour. Indeed, no place as sweet as home.

This is not the Kogi where ‘monkey dey work, barboon dey chop’…Here, salaries are prompt, pension are paid, allowances are given as at when due.

Scholarships and enterpreneurship empowerment becomes a norm.

I’m a proud Kogite said I as I argue among friends on which is the best in the comity of States…I now boast and beat my chest to say this is my home, this is my Jerusalem…This is my Paris, this is my Dubai, this is my own America….

It may not be easy but beyond illusion, beyond fiction and imagination, this Kogi is very possible…

May God bless our government as they put more efforts in developing our dear State.

John Amos Onimis…

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