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Dear Girl Child
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I’m a strong and emerging force, combining talent with knowledge. I’m a young and growing politician. I love to be part of the game and not leaving it for some knuckleheaded heartless disciples of failure to destroy while we only watch and make noise. Amongst the 13, a Jesus is present. I may not be the Messiah but I won’t be a Judas to the people either. I’m a different breed.


I cherish and value friendship because I don’t know what tomorrow holds.


My heart is plain to people, I pray for my friends and people around me to succeed because I want to be part of their success story. I don’t have money to offer them now but I pray always and imagine too often how myself and my friends would bask in unending happiness inside immeasurable wealth.


I’m also a learning writer seeking to improve everyday. I’m not desperate to join any party because I have separate ideology I’m bringing to the table as a learned political scientist who’s ready to combine knowledge with academic practices in the field of politics. With my study, I’m a step ahead and my years in school won’t waste. I’m bringing a different spice to Nigerian politics if the opportunity presents itself.


Meanwhile, I’m the weakest man you can ever come across. I make mistakes too often but my knees are soft in begging for forgiveness.


I’m incomplete, I have a bit of naughtiness in me, there’s no need to pretend but I pray to keep improving in the word of God.


I have a pure heart towards everyone around, I don’t envy or jealous because inside of me, I know time can place me where I want too as far as I keep hustling.


Above all, I love you all that have contributed in my waycoming, you’re a success. I will rejoice and eat of your success.


I’m a King

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