Man Narrates How He Left Abuja To Anambra To Become A Chief Bridesmaid

Man Narrates How He Left Abuja To Anambra To Become A Chief Bridesmaid

It started off with an invitation to be his best man at his wedding. Ben has been a childhood friend I respect alot. We attended the same secondary school as well as University.

Prior to our entering the University, we copied each other in Jamb examination and failed woefully thereby making me to go through the longer route of enrolling in a Diploma programme in Law while he switched to study Philosophy at the University of all times, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Man Narrates How He Left Abuja To Anambra To Become A Chief Bridesmaid

Not that it is my fault that I am tall, I have always love eating beans as a child probably the reason while I am 6ft. 2 today. For persons like Ben who are brief like a mini skirt, short enough to attract but long enough to cover the centre of excellence, he has been torn in my flesh and has taken an oath he will drag me down to his height.

Admittedly, we seldomly agree on things probably because we do not see things from the same angle of elevation and we take turns to call out each other in this blue app.

When he notified me to be his best man in his wedding, I had thought it was an avenue of calling a truce atleast going by the way the invitation came. Infact he convinced me that being a best man comes with alot of privileges, that I might even get my own bride there.

I didn’t know if he convinced me or I thought about it my self that at that point the priest will say you may kiss the bride, I will either carry him up or help him fulfill the kissing the bride part. After all I am the best man.

Man Narrates How He Left Abuja To Anambra To Become A Chief Bridesmaid

As it is Customary to being a best man, I got all the materials and accessories like the groom himself waiting anxiously for the big day to finally come. Ben’s beautiful wife on the other hand is a jolly good fellow. Most times she joins her husband in trolling me. She is a whole vibe.

On the morning of the wedding, while getting ready with the groom we cracked jokes and laughed very hard. In fact Ben told me that during reception I should make sure that whoever gets fanta should not drink coke, and most importantly “Ofu onye, Ofu semo”, “Onye ta red meat, nya atana akwara anu”( everyone must eat only one semo each and whoever eats red meat should not eat another type of meat).

I didn’t know Ben was out to deal with me until we got to the Church. I have always considered myself smart but I didn’t see this particular one coming. Short people might not gifted with alot of things but when it comes to smartness, you may hardly beat them, Uwaezuoke and Tyrion Lannister comes to mind at this point.

The Chief bridesmaid who is his sister was nowhere to be found. People of God, this was how Ben and his wife connived with each other and turned me into a Chief bridesmaid. He even trolled me on top.

I am still in shock that I travelled all the way from Abuja to Anambra to become a Chief Bridesmaid😭😭😭.

Meanwhile, Ejikeme Benedict Ifeanyịchukwu is in this mansion. What else does he want to do to me.


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