Kogi And The Talented Youths In Wait For Harvest, The Tale Of A Nation With A Future So Bright As The Sun.


By John Amos Onimisi

“Young people must have their voices heard at all times, we cannot be passive participants in the conversation about our future, we must be active and create the future the way we want” – Edem Agbana.

The glory of every Nation is her YOUTHS because the YOUTHS are without doubt the custodians of whatever greatness a Nation shall attain.

Like Usain Bolt, Kogi is right on track and even speeding far ahead among the comity of Nations, this offers hope beyond bleak that Kogi is overly blessed with right thinking YOUTHS and just awaiting opportunities for explosion. Kogi YOUTHS are doing excellently well in their chosen field in all categories.

Have you met Kogi Rebel the CPS to the deputy governor and the CEO of KrCabs? how well do you know of Fortune Omuya Salawu and Citizen Nagaziman(Two growing SDP politicians who both doubles as leading fashion designers in FCT)?

Have you cross paths or listened to Ocheni Alikeju Zaenab, an OAP doing extremely well in her field in the FCT?

Do you also know of Umar Onotu Samuel, an OAP with Kogi F.M who doubles as MC? He’s vastly learned in Ebira language and proverbs, a chat away to get him for your programmes.

How about Sir Faithful Ohiani and Pst Omolaiye Idowu Niyi (Pastors, life and relationship coaches and writers) doing well in their respective ministries? Reach out to them and have your problems attended to.

Have you ordered your beddings from Tina Arome too? She’s vastly experienced in making beautiful bedding sheets and pillows of all designs and delivers across the Nation.

Have you also heard about Abdulmalik Hadi Dankogi Mahbubi Adinoyi Ibn Ibrahim Abubakar Muhmmed Isah Faruk Sabo Shuaibu Yahyaly Ahmad Yakubu Bello Ibrahim Muhammad Oziandu Olugbemi Ojo Tina the fearless comrades and political strategists awaiting harvest?

How well do you know of our rising young Barristers Hamzat Ibn Muhammed Abubakar Sadiq Ojima ? They are right on point to push your case at a chat.

You ever met Abraham Jacob, Anthony Edogbo Unubi Emmanuel who are all in sweet romance with the government?

How well do you know of Okpe Andy and Dansofo Usman Jr.(Modern filmograpers)? They shoot films and write scripts too.

Ever come across Gbolagun Sunday Kelvin of the Bogetek Housing? Your housing and designs cannot be safer with anyone else, just a chat away.

Have you met Yusuf Eneji Ibro(Event planner), Saidu Yunusa Mc Wise(Top notch MC and comedian)? Place an invite and be convinced.

How about Nicholas Ayegba Friday (A young grassroot politician and Kogi East Cord. for Sen. KWANKWASO Presidential movement)?

How well do you know of Alabi John Ozovehe the great writer and OAP?

Do you also know of Goodness Itopa Ajinomoh a Barr., writer and life coach and Andrew C. Worthy who doubles as a script writer and life coach too?

How about Onoja-Integrity Johnson of the Housing Unit of the African Independent Television?

Sir James Adama and Adeboh Jonathan Smart are in their category doing well as media influencers too.

Ever met Profemperor Adeleye Oluwafemi who just got appointed as media aide to Sen. Smart Adeyemi?

How about Abdulkadir Bin Abdulmalik George Christmode Joen Sadiq all freelance writers doing extremely well in the field? Their pen is vibrant, check them out.

Ever met Isah Caliph Abubakar, the Ihima footballer oversea?

How about Umar McNas Victor Okolo and Awwal Adomu Hamza Mustapha, vastly experienced midfielders and attackers awaiting explosion?

Have you met Musa Omachoko Matthew, another vastly experienced graphic designer?

Ever met Mike Jemima Tessy too? A skilled and Professional food scientist and the young CEO of Mimah’s foods at FCE Okene.

Do you know of Inikpi Daniels Ovene Peace Ozeiza and Mercy Ometere Joseph, make up artists and young enterpreneurs? Reach out to them today.

This is just but a tip of the iceberg. These are few amongst thousands compiled with age consideration. Kogi has talents waiting for exploration. A full indication that the future is bright for our dear Nation.

It beckons on State government therefore to through enterpreneurship and youths development program harness these talents begging for harvest.

So many are doing well already with the government while some are still trying to catch up with the pace of life, Statesmen should look beyond political and ethnic divide and offer a pulling hand to pull Kogi youths up for we are the future of this great State.

These are few amongst the numerous.

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