Is Beauty A Crime?


In a moment where every souls were expecting evident success, Aminat was busy trading in the basket of “Had I know”.

There were these three ladies named Ovaioza, Ize and Omeneke(Aminat).Aminat happened to be the fairest amongst them; they were easily identified in the presnce and absence of her.

Aminat’s beauty is as flashy like a fiery burning gold, refreshed by flames and kept under the moon for its blatant glowing. She has eyes like that of a mornach’s ring; it would perforate a heart and drop love. She’s the fastest among her peers; as her beauty could run so fast buying the outright attention of even those at the diaspora.

Her glittery face is a platter of gold, who would have been prepare, preserve to serve to the best needy at its best.

Aminat was just 14 years of age when all eyes began to dangle on her head; she was indirectly captured by every faces that would stare at her. She was opportune to attend a private school as at then in her JSS classes.

Men comes to her in round of tables with different timing; those beyond her age, her age mate and her father’s age mate inclusive.
A new dawn broke when She couldn’t find a means for her daily bread as her parents had promised her to persevere that they’ll be coming back soon from their journey. Amoto is a man who can give birth to her age mate if he would have wanted to. He has been eyeing her un duplicated beauty for long. “You’re a flashy glittery solace, you can ease my pain, my joy will hastily come up if only you’ll just adhere and accept my order” said Amoto. Amoto at 35 couldn’t consider this little damsel at 14 in JSS class but could perplexed her state of mind and wanting to give her a deadly conviction. She seemed not to quietly understand what her father as she would call implied. “Sir, was it because I told you I’m hungry that will make you come up this way? Well, if only you’ll grant my request, you’re free sir, b’cause I’m stricken down with hunger.
She began to develop an unusual feelings for this crude man who wouldn’t understand what’s discipline.

At 14, Aminat had her first sexual affair; her emotions became hyper that she couldn’t resist any man that would ask her out for such diminishing and derailing pleasure or exercise rather as her beauty calls the attention of almost every hearts.

She happened not to be enjoying what she was enjoying; she was extremely affected and morally decade and deviated.
Her beauty took her away from the mole of success and good recognition from the masses.

A day when her friends would ask her, questions relating to sexual harassment, she would only keep mute as she couldn’t utter a word.
She’d already been thwarted and frustrated by her beauty via the ugly blow thrown at her by men who couldn’t teach the needed lines but rather, frustrate her emotions and deeply harassed her sexually.

She could not sit down without glancing through the thought of meeting a man; her hole became a hungry lion, always in want of prey that would satisfy its hunger and deep thirst. That made her accept every flimsy request that comes her way. It had also pressurized her to caress her supposed sacred demis, integument and sensitive tegument. Which is one way to extreme sabotage.

She seemed to became a whore at a very fresh and tender age, her studies also became an ugly muse as she lose total interest and the needful concentration.
She couldn’t meet up with the task of letting all these menace get to her parent’s table as their threat could make her venture into committing a deliberate self murdering.

A day where the breeze downed on her, the moon on her landed its face, and the stars shunned not its illumination towards her presence as she asked ” What have I done to deserve this as a name, what are my shortcomings, why have I become so dirty when I ought to be stunningly shinning and scintillating? ” she penned down her questions in a rhetoric platter.
“Oh, Why has my beauty made me a sore criminal?

© Ismaila Odumburu Emmanuel

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