How Things Fall Apart After My Admission

When I gained admission to study in the University of Port Harcourt my parents were happy. I had two offers from the same school to choose from and I was offered admission into a polytechnic too.

I already envisioned how life in school was going to be soft and sweet because Daddy had money but guess what?

Life happened!!

My sister fell ill that same year and the illness changed everything. My Dad practically sold everything. My Mum closed her provision shop and both of them started their quest to different hospitals to make her feel better.

I became the mother and father of my three brothers (Ebuka wasn’t born then and Nonye was in a boarding school).

I couldn’t meet up with early morning classes because I had to prepare food for my brothers, prepare them for school then go for mine. It was just 100 Naira transport away from home.

I will be in class and my mind will be at home. After the day’s activity in school I will go home tired to still prepare what we will eat at home.

The way we grew up at home, we are not heavy eaters. Garri and soup is not a daily food; we barely liked it then and we changed food like we wanted cos Mummy sells them and Daddy had money. You can imagine how I cooked almost everyday.

Before my sister’s illness, my Parents had planned that my matriculation party was going to be big and well celebrated.

It never happened!

Two weeks to matriculation I became withdrawn and depressed. My friends talked and planned but I had nothing to say. My Parents were at UNTH with my Sister and she had been declared terminal.

A day to the matriculation, my uncle Uche Emeri called and sent me money to go and buy a dress. Blessing dragged me to a boutique in Rumokoro to buy this gown in the picture. We bought it for #5,000 and it is the first dress I ever bought in a boutique. He also sent me money for cupcakes and drinks and he urged me to go out and celebrate with others.

I sent my matriculation gown to the drycleaner for ironing and then I invited Princess Jerry , Godswill Chigozirim Ugorji Chuku Henry Kings and I think two more persons. Blessing Eseagwu was there too. My friend Charles whom I met on 2go came and my then Boyfriend Martins.

I wasn’t really happy. It didn’t happen the way I wanted. I avoided my course mates that day. Seeing them celebrate with their parents and friends made me cry in my heart. I didn’t stay long in school, I went home and cried bitterly.

A week after, my Sister died and my Parents came home.

Few weeks back I went to School for something and I met another Matriculation. Seeing students dressed in beautiful dresses with smiles plastered on their faces just brought memories back.


This is six years after I have graduated and the memories are just here..


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