How I Wasted 3 years Of Admission

My first jamb was 242. I applied University of Nigeria Nsukka and Law was the course. My aggregate was 260. The cut off mark for law that year was close to 300.

I knew I had very slim chance of getting admitted through the first list. I talked to a friend who was already a student in UNN, he promised to help me work it out. Long story cut short, I wasn’t admiring both in the first, second and VC list.

My second jamb, I scored 258. I applied same school but this time I applied mass communication. Wrote the post utme and my aggregate was 271.

The cut off mark for mass communication was 280 (if not less, I’m not sure). I was optimistic because I was close to the mark and if I did not make it through the first list, I was sure going to make it through the second list. I had submitted my credentials to three people. They promised to help.

When the first list came out and I wasn’t admitted, I paid someone to help me change my course to a lesser course and he should help me run the admission. Well, I did not get admitted again.

The third time I wrote jamb, I scored 244, I was already tired of the jamb stuff. This time I applied federal university of Lafia and I settled for English and modern language. God’s willing, I got admitted and I was very happy.

But then after accepting my admission, I went to the school for screening and it was there they discovered I had pass in mathematics. I couldn’t continue with the registration unless I provided an O level results with at least a credit in mathematics.

I cried. My parents and I tried our best to get them allow me write an undertaken that I was going to credit my maths before I convocate but the school system refused. I could not defer the admission, the admission was just there in a state of uselessness.

Corona came and it was helpful. I sat for another exam, cleared my maths and luckily for me this year, my school was still processing new student admission. Since I accepted my admission, I had right to process y registration. And i did

I sat down to think about my admission and what I passed through and to be honest I discovered that it was entirely my fault that I wasn’t admitted since 2017. I graduated 2017, my results were good but then I had D7 in mathematics. I did not take it serious.

Many people told me that since I was an art student, pass in maths wasn’t bad. I bought that lie. Yes, I know many people who were lucky enough to get admitted even though they had pass in maths. I knew three people in UNN who had pass in maths but got admitted. But then they had connections, top notch, something I did not have.

We all know that the system in this nation is fucked up. And we know that sometimes if you do not have a name to your name or better still connections, you aren’t going anywhere.

But then, i think sometimes it is not about connections. You are not getting that admission and that job because you have not met the qualifications. Imagine if I had credited my maths? Surely, I would have gotten admitted into UNN the second time with little or no connections.

If I had credited my maths, I wouldn’t have encountered challenges during my registration.

Sometimes connections will fail you. All you need is your qualifications. Before you try again, take a pause and look at your life, are you sure you are not having loopholes? If you keep doing the same thing over again, believe me you will keep getting same results and you will keep blaming the system.

Sometimes, it is not the system. It is you. Your inability to try harder in a different way. When you fail, try but before you try make sure you are trying in the right way and you are actually on the right track.

©Michael Chioma Peace

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