Happy Birthday Dear Momoh John

Happy Birthday Dear Momoh John

Happy Birthday Dear Momoh John,

Happy birthday in arrears, I pended my epistle of you yesterday to avoid a mix up. The world needs to hear of your strength, your courage and resilience even in the face of militating odds.

It’s a pleasure to address such a young focused, effervescent, committed and full of life personality as my beloved friend and brother.

Too often, I wonder from whence your strength is drawn; I’ve always been in awe of your level headedness and starly brightness.

Of my wonders are; how you survive the boggy lows and quagmires of life; You seem to have to two lives, I had admired you to a point I desired I could be strong like you’re because I doubt if I could break the hurdles you’ve broken and if I can be strong and consistent just as you have been.

You’ve been stupendously outstanding, innovative, creative and overly hardworking. You are a fine head with a fine heart, a courageously built soldier, a defier of odds.

You’re a book that we shall in due course spare time to document; to inspire the world, to lift souls of young men at crossroads of negativities.

I’ve enjoyed a kith and kin bonding with you in recent years, no traces of regrets, I would always want to keep company with you more and more. You have lifted my soul severally, especially where I have doubts because doubts do not exist in your head.

I’m lost in awe of your strength. Keep being strong. Keep being happy. Don’t lose your focus. You’re a star whose shininess the world awaits.

Bask in euphoria of ceaseless gaiety as you journey through your new year. May you enjoy God’s continued protection and may heavenly fortunes locate you.

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