Dear Ojirogbe Azeez, my dearest friend who doubles as twin brother

Dear Ojirogbe Azeez, my dearest friend who doubles as twin brother

Congratulations Ohinoyi for another great milestone

You have raised people amongst whom I’m a testimony and I bear testimony of

The easiest way to rise they say is by lifting others, so It’s not surprising that you’re massively rising beyond the storm and hurdles of life

You have all along the line stood for me, you’re tested and trust is an understatement for the belief we shared together

The garri days, the night classes, the scary moments all had it’s toll on us, I was most times petrified by the circumstances of then but you stood firm like a pillar behind

Pages would be filled if I want to write more but let me summarily submit that you’re one of the most amazing persons I’ve met because you have practically sacrificed your time and resources to impact my growth

During graduation, it was you and I

During project I lived all through in your room

The message you sent is that religious bigotry has nowhere to stay around us, the religion we both cherish and promoted most is humanity first and it got people wondering who really we were.

As we were parting, things seems gloomy and unpredictable so I had to make do with two of your clothes and a trouser alongside the few I had to sustain me till I bounce back from project expenses. I’m no longer using the clothes for long time now because I’ve used them too well but they are still fully in my possession for sure future reference

I’m not ashamed to write this because you were never ashamed to offer kindness at my point of needs

I’m not afraid to detail what we shared because I also need to show off to the world the great friend I have all to myself and how amazing and great a guy you’re

In the night of the same day we graduated that I was unjustly detained with the security after the gunshot fired by unknown men that shattered our graduation merriment, you sacrificed sleep to stay with me till I was freed some minutes to 1:00 a:m. My offence was because I was the leader of the class and as such I mandatorily must mention and produce those who fire the shots. Amidst threats of unjust expulsion, It was me and you in all of this

You insisted we go down to back of school through the dark dungeon that led to your house, I was scared and I preferred we rather parted than follow you to go and end in the palm of terror

In the morrow, you were the first person to also try my line and it wasn’t connecting, you called my roommate to inquire if I was home and they said no until I later showed up

During the SUG election that the power that be wanted to muscle me out for choosing to support my friend who doubles as our class governor then. You were by me.

I was conspired against, fought and wounded in the neck while you were away to Lokoja for official duty as the President of Ebira Students and was also threatened to vacate Anyigba the same day, else I get murdered.

I was quickly followed by company of well wishers and brothers down to security unit to report, show them the blood stain in my cloth and register my displeasure and the threat to my life, I was again unjustly detained without question and speech as they misconstrued and misrepresented my personality. Umar McNas and Awwal Adomu can fully attest.

Your calls and energy from outside was what led people to plead with Mohammed Aduojo Buhari, former SUG secretary to come to my aid, who later bailed me out and advised that I flee Campus.

I wrote some of this in tears for we’ve gone through things together, some of the experiences we had are unexplainable

What more language and vocabularies do I define such friendship with

We quarreled then too but we are practically indispensable of each other, people would settle and settle us but ego wouldn’t allow us accept our individual failings and just like husband and wives we would mysteriously settle to the people’s surprises later.

Thanks for the memories, the pain and the fun. Men were made

Your first academic journey ended today

For all this you’ve done for humanity sake, I join well wishers to pray for you that;

You will never know a better yesterday

You shall be favoured in all ramifications and grace shall find you always

Good job awaits you

Where opportunities and doors seems to have close, may God surprise you

Go higher and excel my dearest friend

Congratulations again aboki

Yours In love

John Amos Onimisi…

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