By John Amos Onimisi

As tension heightens at the American polity for the obvious reasons, Nations of the globe are deeply seated with keen interest observing and aloofly watching the power play strategy employed by the duo of Republican led Trump against Biden of the Democrats wing to clinch the most coveted office in world politics.

As a tenure-based system of government spanning four years each and two term maximum regime for a President, the time is ripe for either a continue or discontinue of Donald Trump led Presidency that succeeded Obama’s.

Either Americans reelect Trump or depose him as the polls draws nigh a conclusion a day away. Whichever outcome yielded, it largely hinges on the ratings in the scorecard of Trump’s regime as will be determined by the Americans.

The histories of Republicans Presidency repeated itself as usual as Trump was caught often in the web of ranging controversies which could either aid or truncate his re-election on 3rd Nov. 2020.

While the last Democrats President, Obama was oratorily prowessed, Trump in the unlike manner believes more of action in the stead of speeches as he’s never a great orator.

However, from the pros and cons of the Trumpian team, the scorecards from the positives and negatives are high.

Both Republicans and Democrats have scored considerably high points in their respective regimes from history, putting the interest of America first in all of their dealings but not also without their varying degree of failures too.

Just as Democrats exhibited their political deficiency having numbers of their politicians, the supposed leading lights battling with public morality in recent time, like the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal in the White House in the late 90s, the part legalization of the LGBT(Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) from their liberalist perspective by Obama-led Presidency which most countries of the world frowns at and the more recent Hillary Clinton’s questionable public moral character aligning with Bill’s, her Husband who nearly defiled the sacred White House dirtily while flirting with Lewinsky. This partly alongside other unforeseen circumstances eventuated her loss of grip after massively pulling the weight in the fore polls prior to the electoral college surprise redirected focus courtesy of suspected Russia’s clandestine and undercover intervention perhaps, arising from their unended loggerheaded nuclear weapons cold war and game of mind between Democrats Obama and Russia’s Putin, all born out of interest. Not to be forgotten also was their encroachment into an African territory to brutally murder Muammar Ghaddafi of Libya in the guise of aiding terrorism for his refusal to align interest with America’s as gathered.

Such is Trump’s failure boldly written in the placards too;

Trump initiated a cold trade war which affected many businesses and the global economy and also engaged in unnecessary antagonism against China and many trading communities, albeit in the sole interest of America, promoted a sharp divide and clamp down on immigrants made to suffer massive unemployments for not been Americans, purported lacklusture in the early preventive stages of COVID-19 that already recorded more than 82,000 deaths, an obvious racist stand from the unimpressive handling of black Americans and most specifically George Floyd’s unjust murder by the white cops and the undiplomatic murder of General Sulemani of Iran that flared and nearly exercebated another world war on religious ground.

It must be understandably embraced however, that no administration without failings and considerable progresses made.

The above therefore, does not interpret that the positive scorecard of Trumpians has been swept under carpet as they massively rated high in the score sheet as the Democrats regime. They both have bettered America in their own ways undoubtedly.

The crux of the discourse mainly is to within few lines torchligh the strategies of their power play, such as it brought Trump to power four years earlier.

For an instance, Trumpians adoption of gaslight strategy (Psychological manipulative tool) to manipulate Americans into forgetting his failures and believing that his fight and failure is solely for Americans interest and survival regardless and even at the detriment of the whole wide world seems to be selling out in large parts while in some parts, it’s not. Especially the Muslim Americans, the immigrants and black Americans who supposed and expected that Trump should have valued humanity beyond territorial clime.

Aside this suspected psycological manipulations, Trump from his scorecard has good number of Americans and non Americans supporting his re-election bid. From the Republican faithfuls, the Americans who solely believes in the survival of America only and even the non Americans(Nations) enjoying bilaterial trade and Trump’s foreign policies, yet without voting eligibility but can from the shores of their country massively influence voters( Countrymen resident in America) through their embassies. All this put together, moreso with some other strategies pushes the hope of Trumpians high.

On the flip side, Biden and the Democrats are being too opportunistic on their side as if Democrats never had their past time failings too, be that as it may, it’s part of the whole power play strategy to robustly feed on the deficiencies of counterparts in an election, it’s a good politicking point and the Democrats already had grip of it in their grab. They have through this won massive numbers over to join the Democrats faithfuls.

Moreover, strategies was what brought Trump into power as American nearly had settled for Hillary in the election that preceded 2020s, the strategies has become massively interesting this season too as the Democrats pulled a surprise stunt by bringing Kamala Harris on board to conjointly with Biden paddle the boat of the Democrats as flag bearers.

Kamala gamble is another strategy worthy of discourse;

Kamala, a black American Democrat of Asian-American descent, a prosecutor who lost against Biden in the Democrats primaries is the first black woman amongst the only four American women that had boldly indicated interest in the world’s most coveted office either as President or Vice in the robust but controversial history of American politics brought from California to feature in the power game and perhaps, empowered by some social indices to play a great role in the tussle.

Kamala is a prominent advocate of justice against racial brutality and killings who really stood out at the black lives matter campaign that took the streets of America and the world at large after the unjust murder of George Floyd and brutalities of other blacks.

The 55 years old professional crime prosecutor has been a reliable ally of the Democratic establishment with flexible policy priorities that largely mirror Mr Biden’s which partly influenced and aided her suggestion as the preffered candidate to run with Mr Joe Biden after nearly flooring him with her vocality and oratories in the primaries.

The background picture and strategy is that, unarguably she could reinforce Mr Biden’s appeal to black voters and enjoy a probable high support from American women across skin colors and could as well win over good number of women who massively supported Hillary on her last outing but felt cheated by gender and social status oppression.

In all of this, fingers are crossed as the world round America spectates from aloof too see what becomes of America during and after the polls.

A simple analogy to understand the tussle better.

Trump’s continuity or Biden’s welcome; the decision lies practically with Americans with a consideration of all odds possible.

Conclusively, Nancy Pelosi’s tore of President Trump’s speech paper in the wee of 2020 while giving report of the previous years in the parliament house and the burnt ballot boxes few days back have sent a wrong message to the spectating world that America’s democracy is never without it’s own flaws and as an intermediary who meddles in other States affairs uninvited a times, it’s the least expected of them.

The Presidential debate too was near no impressiveness unlike the Trump/Hillary era as this looked verbally attacking and unstatesmanlike with infant-like interruptions in the debate ground and undiplomatic misuse of words on medias thereafter.

Some of the brewing processes has really made the election look unimpressive.

The politicians and elites should make efforts to curtail such from reoccurring as it may undermine the treasured democracy of America in the eyes of the developing countries, especially the ones practicing democracy.

Americans are left to decide their fate for the next four years. Hopefully, they decide well or face the consequences of a wrong decision for the next four years.

Trump or Biden, God bless America.


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